All approved scoresheets can be found here on the AA website.

The Archery Australia Tournament and Records Committee have recently conduced a review of all scorecard templates. This is to ensure they comply with current World Archery and Archery Australia Rules.

Two main changes have been the introduced, separate boxes for first name and family name and removing the need for a Date of Birth to be included when applying for records.

The change in relationship to names have come about due to the the large number of incidents when people have submitted scorecards with either a first name, initials, nickname or no name. In all case these scorecards have been rejected which has results in the loss of records.

Completed scorecards MUST include the athletes full name to be accepted as official scorecard, it is hoped this change will highlight the need for this area on the scorecards to be correctly completed.

The next change is the need for Date of Birth when claiming records. This is not always possible when completing the scorecard as the athletes may not have been aware they had shot a record. We are also aware some people consider this an invasion of privacy and many sports have removed the need for Date of Birth on scorecards.

The date of birth has now replaced with Archery Australia Membership Number, this then allows the Tournament and Records Committee or RGB Recorder to check the persons Date of Birth and most important financial status in the Archery Australia Membership database.

RGBs and Clubs are encouraged to use these new scorecards templates for 2013.

 At all FITA registered tournaments, QREs and tournaments listed on the Archery Australia calendar these scorecards MUST be used.

If other scorecards are used records and award claims will be rejected.

All the scorecards are in an Excel format with space provided for the event logo, name of the event, date and sponsors names.

NOTE:  When printing the scorecards they need to be scaled to fit on one page.

Ensure you select fit to page or 1 page high by 1 page wide to ensure that they fit onto a single page correctly before printing.