This is only a guide. If you need more details please contact the host club of the event. If you are using these shoots to qualify for a team, you may need to consult with the Selection Committee to confirm the need to shoot in any (or all) of these events. Please double check the entries’ Closed By date on the Entry Information.

2018 Archery WA Calendar

For QRE’s see here. Bookings via archer’s diary.

Images are up for the Australian Open 2018 here!

Title Date Location Details
State Clout Championship 14th October Whiteman Park Archery Complex Entry
Western Dragon Field Shoot 23rd & 24th September Needling Hills Allen Road, Greenhills Flyer
State Target Championship 9th September Whiteman Park Archery Complex Flyer
WPA 900 Handicap Shoot 5th August Whiteman Park Archery Complex Flyer
State and National Indoor Championships 22nd July Claremont Showgrounds Flyer
Melville Junior Tournament 24th June Beasley Road, Leeming (entry through Melville Glades Golf
State Field Championships 2nd & 3rd June June Whiteman Park Archery Complex Flyer
Bowmen of Melville PAA 17th June Bowmen of Melville, Beasley St, Melville Flyer
2018 Sorrento Tournament 20th May Whiteman Park Archery Complex Flyer
Past Awards
2018 Benara Club Challenge 4th March Whiteman Park Archery Complex Flyer
2018 Australian Open 23rd to 25th March Archery WA, Whiteman Park Entry
2018 WA Silver Leprechaun 18th March Leschenault Leisure Centre Sports Grounds, AUSTRALIND Entry

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