Start time is 8:30am for Whiteman Park QRE’s and 8am for QRE’s at Baldivis Archery Club, so you need to be there to assist set up.

Shooting fee is $10 for a single, $20 for a double. Doubles will only be shot if there are numbers after the first round. Everyone is required to enter via archers diary.

Archers diary see here for booking a place.


  • 7th January (Whiteman Park)
  • 21st January (Whiteman Park)
  • 4th February (Whiteman Park)
  • 18th February (Whiteman Park)
  • 17th June – Contact Brad Hipper for more information
  • 24th June – Contact Brad Hipper for more information


  • 23rd September (Baldivis Archery Club)
  • 22nd October (Whiteman Park)
  • 15th October (Whiteman Park)
  • 2nd October (Baldivis Archery Club)
  • 24th September (Whiteman Park)
  • 27th August (Whiteman Park)
  • 16th July (Whiteman Park)
  • 30th July (Whiteman Park)
  • 7th May
  • 21st May
  • 11th June
  • 25th June